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Executive Search International“ESI” is a global search and recruitment company serving the hospitality industry since 1977 and is recognized by the global hospitality industry as one of the Premier Search Companies.

ESI’s recognition is based on a foundation of integrity, business ethics, and superior professional delivery by ESI team members. ESI’s commitment to its clients consists of providing superior professional services with pride and creativity.

We collect intelligence: this is supported by offices located in London, Rome, Milan and Abu Dhabi. This information gathering is done with the utmost discretion and confidentiality and allows us to refer to you candidates who will make a difference in terms of profitability, strengthening your team, and they will, we trust, make the contributions you seek in excess of your expectations.

“Top talent – human equity” is increasingly important to re-invent ourselves in this fast-paced, exciting, huge and yet small global hospitality community.

The Core Foundation of ESI Values:

  • Optimum client satisfaction
  • Integrity
  • Awareness of proper morals
  • Flawless honesty
  • Respect and acceptance of other individuals’ differences

Executive Search has a single goal: to give our Clients optimal satisfaction.

Stefano P. Biscioni

Stefano P. Biscioni

Rubina Calella

Rubina Calella

Alessandra Cranchi

Alessandra Cranchi


Executive Search International was founded in 1977 by Bernd Wosgien a true pioneer in the Hospitality search arena. Bernd was instrumental in the career of the most successful Top Managers and CEO’s since 1977.

In 1997 Stefano P. Biscioni following a successful career in Hotel Management was approached by Bernd to open an ESI base in Italy. 

Following the Rome operation, in 2011 a new office opened in Milan and then in London and Abu Dhabi.

ESI has become a well known partner for all the loyal clients in the Hospitality world.

Stefano P. Biscioni is now President & CEO at Executive Search International.


We pledge that in the execution of all recruitment processes for our clients and candidates, to be:


In all communications with our clients and candidates.


To support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates.


Avoid or resolve through disclosure and waiver, conflicts of interest.


Serve our clients exclusively and protect their interests at all times when performing assignments.


Respect confidential information entrusted to ESI by clients and candidates.


Perform all search assignments with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency.


Conduct our business activities with the utmost of integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive and misleading.


Exercise objective and impartial judgment in each search assignment.


Esi’s specialization in the Global Hospitality arena allows us to find the key individual to make a strategic difference in your operation. This is supported by offices located in offices located in London, Rome, Milan and Abu Dhabi.

ESI becomes your ambassadors projecting your leadership and company culture to candidates ready to embark on their next career challenge.

After almost 40 years we are aware as to where the top talent is located and if they are ready to advance.

Using the latest search models, allows us to present top talent in a relative short period.

ESI works for you exclusively to have access to candidates who otherwise would not listen to new career opportunities and would decline should they be called by other search companies for the same position and you would not be made aware of it.

ESI team members combine the scope and reach of international search firms with the high touch, personal service of a boutique. When we have surveyed our clients after completed searches, they repeatedly tell us that it is our persistent attention that keeps them coming back to us. Of course, that would mean little if we didn’t meet our primary objective — finding the right candidates for our clients time and time again in an expedient manner.

We work confidentially and discreetly. We do not post details of our assignments on websites or social media sites; nor do we publish a list of whom we place or where individuals are placed. 

ESI Strategic Partners

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